Site Visits: Site-visits are an opportunity for youth with disabilities to explore the World of Work through touring a variety of businesses and visiting with employers concerning the nature of their work and the qualifications required to work at their company. Employers are asked to emphasize the importance of receiving a high school diploma along with continuing their education according to their interest. The youth also have the opportunity to experience hands on opportunities at a variety of the site-visits.

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May 31, 2017

Evanston High School students visited with Porters TNT Fireworks to gain a better understanding how Porters TNT Fireworks operates their business. We explored each aisle and learned about the fireworks. The students learned which were the bestselling fireworks and watched a video about them. Our students were excited when they learned about the fireworks and shared their experience they have had over the past years celebrating 4th of July. As we moved throughout the store, the students learned how each item was checked out when customers came to the checkout lanes. Our students asked the workers at Porters TNT Fireworks questions in regard obtaining a job there. Some of the questions were; how old do they need to be to work there, are they hiring, do they sell a lot of fireworks and make money from selling them, and do you have to work the checkout lanes. -Anna M. Kunz-

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